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Pantry + Kitchen Overhaul

  • Are you and your family wanting to eat better, live healthier, and go back to basics in the kitchen?
  • Do you stand in front of your fridge or pantry wondering what to cook each night, or wander through the grocery store overwhelmed by decision?
  • Want to learn about bulk and whole foods, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you bored to death of the same old food you’ve been making on rotation and need a serious shake up?

Let me help you navigate through the maze of bulk foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, and tell you exactly what to do with them!

Who am I?

I’m Adele McConnell, creator of Vegie Head

My mission is simple: I’m here to show you that plant-based doesn’t have to be boring. I’m here to make delicious food & spread the vegie head love.

me with ferments 1

When I first started my healthy eating and cooking journey, I had no idea how to get correct information without feeling suffocated by rigid & uncompromising moral views. I had to teach myself. And I would have loved to have had a truly compassionate teacher, gently guiding me through the process.

I see now that my life purpose was to become that truly compassionate teacher.

My mission? To light a path for those seeking non-judgemental guidance while eating for pure health. This is not about rigid dogma, black & white thinking. No, the Vegie Head lifestyle is about the gratitude & glory of eating in a way that feels good.

Today, I am a living example that you can be passionate about plant-based eating, without pissing your friends & family right off. I don’t believe in excluding or judging people & I’ve felt the pain of being deeply misunderstood for voicing this opinion. My family -in fact my husband – do eat meat, but they absolutely love the plant-based foods I entice them with.

I feel sad that so many people who would benefit from learning about – and gobbling up – delicious plant-based food, are scared of feeling judged or like they have to start viewing the meat-eating people negatively just because they want greater health & vitality.

During our time together,

  • We’ll go through an ideal pantry and fridge, talk about yours at home (no judgement!) and work out what no longer works and replace it with foods that serve you and your family
  • I’ll walk and talk you through a number of bulk food basics that you need in your kitchen
  • I’ll show you exactly what to do with them in new and inventive ways that everyone in your family will love
  • We can even go shopping together!


What you’ll learn

I’ll teach you how to make even the most SIMPLE foods incredibly delicious

It’s a gift of mine, trust me. With a few shakes of this and pinches of that, you’ll have the whole family coming back for more, and WANTING to eat better

You’ll learn all about spices, how to use them, and what I recommend you use on the daily

Spices are one the easiest things you can add to make any dish unique- but are you using them the their full potential?

That your bodies needs and wants are totally unique – and that’s ok!

Your tastes will differ from the next persons, and this isn’t a bad thing. We’ll delve into what your body is telling you, and what it wants, and how to give it to you.

You’ll learn how to save money – even with buying organic or spray free produce and bulk foods!

Nothing goes to waste when you’re learning to cook from scratch, and I’ll show you exactly how.

You’ll learn to save TIME

This is a big one for so many people – and it’s one of the reasons why people think healthy cooking is so hard! I’ll arm you with dishes that you can whip up in under 30 minutes – so you’ll have no excuse!



What’s included

A visit to my local organic shop

We’ll meet here, at my dedicated space first, and we’ll bask in the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season and are available locally to you. If you want to purchase anything, go ahead, we can cook it up at home!

Obviously if you grow your own, or some of your own, we can wander around your vegetable garden and talk about your favourite ways to cook them.

A selection of mixed organic dry goods 

Hand picked by me to suit you and your families needs and wants, you’ll get about $50 worth of stock to get your bulk foods pantry underway.

I’ll teach you that with some prep and imagination you can make multiple dishes with the same ingredients!

Pantry + fridge organising

Let me have some fun in the kitchen! We’ll have a chat about what you’re already eating and cooking, and how you can make small tweaks and adjustments with what you’re currently using.

I’ll ask you to start collecting old glass jars (old peanut butter jars are perfect for this!) for us to start having some fun! You can bring them along and fill them up!

Demo of two dishes with fresh produce/bulk foods

We’ll cook up a few dishes to get your tastebuds dancing and your tummy rumbling.

Fun and Food

I promise, we’ll have a great time! There’ll be lots of laughs, and we’ll be kitchen buds for life at the end of the day

Confidence in the Kitchen

You’ll never worry about your shopping skills or cooking abilities again! I’ll infuse you with knowledge that’ll only get stronger over time (like a good cup of tea) and your confidence will soar!

The ability to make many dishes out of one ingredient

Never be bored again! Well I can’t promise that, but you’ll have more options, which will me LESS chance of being bored!

The fine print:

I’ll spend 3 hours with you

My space is located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Who can attend?

Just your immediate family please (that is, those that live under your roof), as this will allow me to tailor the time specifically to your needs and wants, and give you all of my attention!

For any additional friends or family members to attend, please contact me prior to booking, as there are additional fees involved.

Are you ready to turn your biggest chore into joy, get pleasure from cooking and eating again, to save money, time, and to eat better?


Lock me in now!

Investment – $350 (usually $500) Save $150!!

The day is really tailored to you and your wants and needs. Upon booking, you’ll receive a survey where I’ll ask you some questions, and we’ll go from there.

the source


I eat meat! Will you still work with me?

Of course! My teaching style is educational and non-judgemental, and if eating meat if your jam, that’s cool – I’ll show you how you can load up on vegies and in the tastiest way possible. I don’t cook meat, so there’ll be no meat in the cooking demos, but we can walk through what you can serve alongside your steak.

I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time to cook

I hear you friend! We’re all busy, but wouldn’t you love to know that coming home after a long day at work and cooking dinner doesn’t need to be a chore? I’ll show you how cooking can be an absolute pleasure and how you can maximise your food and minimise the effort.

How soon can we book in our overhaul?

Once you finalise payment and fill in your survey questions, I’ll be in direct contact with you. I’ll send you a few different options of dates and times, and we will go from there.

How far do you travel?

I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and will travel for up to an hour to you. Anything over that, incurs an additional fee which is determined by location.

I don’t live in Melbourne but I really want an overhaul!

That’s ok – I do travel interstate (and overseas)!

In February and March, I’ll be in Traralgon (dates TBA) and I’ll be in Bali 18th Feb – 5th March.

In April + May I’ll be in Greece and Italy.

Mid-year I’ll be heading up the East Coast, and later in the year I’ll be visiting Perth and surrounds.

From September onwards I’ll be working out of a dedicated space that you’ll be able to come and visit!

I recommend you book in and lock in your overhaul now, and we can schedule in your date.

If you REALLY can’t wait and would like to do the overhaul via Skype, please email me via my contact form

What if I have a group of people that want to learn from you?

Easy! The best thing to do is contact me directly, and let me know the details. I do teach self-organised groups of 6 or more (run from a designated home or space with kitchen and cooking facilities) all over Australia. Contact me here for prices.

"What an amazing experience having Adele come in to my home to help me to find my passion for cooking again. She makes you feel at ease as she has a look in your pantry and fridge, seeing foods and sharing her wealth of knowledge of how this and that can be used and create in to a meal. Then off to the local organic grocer, where she helped me understand all more about bulk & whole foods that I haven’t had in my life or kitchen before mainly because I didn’t really know what to do. Again tips and knowledge that Adele shared was abundant. After discussion of what we will cook back home with our goods (didn’t need to buy to much as she found most in my pantry) to have a private cooking lesson and producing 2 very easy and tasty meals in less than an 1hr. As a meat eating house we talked about how we could adapt her recipes to include meat or have them as a side. My husband was very surprise by how tasty and filling the Mexican stack that I prepared with Adele and I have made it a couple more times. If you have lost your passion for cooking or just want to learn more about bulk & whole foods to include in your life then I highly recommend a Kitchen and pantry over haul. My cooking has changed; I have my passion back and loving food again. Thank you Adele!" Diane Collett - Angelic Presence

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