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  • Have you been interested in adding more plant based foods into your life, but aren’t sure where to start?

  • Are you currently on a plant based journey, and are bored or lacking the knowledge and know-how to ensure you are getting sufficient nutrients?

  • Been judged for your lifestyle choice? Don’t know how to answer those direct and often personal questions about what you eat (or don’t eat?)

  • Confused with the myriad of ingredients that so many recipes require you to use?

  • Do you avoid social situations for fear of being ‘the one with all of the ‘health issues’’?

  • Do you want to be more knowledgeable, confident and empowered when it comes to food and cooking?

  • Wanting to have clear, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, boundless energy and maintain a healthy weight forever?

  • Have you had a health scare and are ready to make some serious changes?

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...I've been there, have you?

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Class begins in October 2015 sign up below to find out when!

First things first...

You're here because you want to make a change. Big or small, change can be totally scary.

But don't worry...

That's what I'm here for.


Over the years, I've worked privately with hundreds of clients

Online, over Skype, or in person, I've guided and mentored individuals to not only become masters in their kitchen, but also masters of their lives.


Most of my clients come to me because...

They are confused about where to shop, what to buy (Keen-wah?!), and what to do with those 'exotic' ingredients. They stare at their fridge, or pantry, doors flung wide, yearning for something new, different and delicious...and end up cooking the same old thing.

Some are scared. They've been judged. They've been in social situations where 'Vegan', 'Gluten-Free' and 'Lactose Intolerant' are seen as debilitating (and super boring) health issues....when in fact they can often be empowering, informed and life changing.

They don't want to go to family BBQ's or Birthday dinners for fear that they won't know what to eat. They don't want to be 'the weird one' sitting in the corner. Or the annoying one at a Café ordering a 'Why Bother' (that's a 'half shot almond dandelion latte' for those in the know). They don't want to be a burden on those around them.

They want to take control of their health, grab life by it's humungous balls, and rock the hell out of this magical life.

And that's exactly what I help them do.

Today, I am a living example that you can be passionate about plant-based eating, without pissing your friends and family right off. I don’t believe in excluding or judging people, and I’ve felt the pain of being deeply misunderstood for voicing this opinion. My family -in fact my husband - do eat meat, but they absolutely love the plant-based foods I entice them with.

Now, I've turned my one-on-one sessions into an Online eCourse, available the world over, in an exclusive, not-to-be missed 12 Week Program.

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Exceptional Value:

Included in this fabulous offer:

  • Access to an exclusive 12 week course
  • A private community support group, designed to support, educate and uplift you
  • Video tutorials, teaching you some of my favourite recipes and shortcuts in the kitchen
  • An exclusive interview series, with some of the most inspirational, knowledgable and influential industry leaders
  • Done-for-you shopping and meal lists
  • A VIP day, for Academy members only, where you'll all join a virtual hangout, where you can ask questions, give support and share your story!
  • A copy of my '14 Days of Nourishment' program

And if you purchase the Academy course upfront, you'll have access to a Virtual Shopping Tour worth $525!


So come on, take the plunge!

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What people are saying about Adele:

"I’ve spent over 15 years on my own personal health-full, plant based journey,

and have shared my knowledge, experience and passion for plant based food for over 5 years with this wonderful community."

I haven't always felt or looked this healthy. I've had my own ups, downs and in-betweens.

I've learnt some major life lessons, learnt to listen to my body, and respond accordingly. I've immersed myself in health foods, and found a love, passion and ability for cooking that I didn't know I had (trust me, you've got it too!)

The Vegie Head Academy is truly one of a kind. I've not seen anything quite like it. It’s not just about cooking. It’s not just about health. It’s not just about education and confidence and compassion. It’s everything I live, and breath every single day. It’s me. I am SO proud of the content, the delivery and know that the support that you'll receive will be exactly what you need on your journey.

I’ve mentored hundreds of people over the years, cooked and demonstrated for thousands of people, presented at some of Australia’s largest expo’s and even cooked for the Masterchef himself, George Calombaris!

I’ve written two programs, four best selling ebooks, and my published book, ‘The Vegan Cookbook’ can be found all over the world in bookstores and online. I’ve written for some of the Worlds leading print magazines and am a regular contributor to Nourish Magazine.

I've created recipes for restaurants and cafe's, and catered privately for some of Melbourne's premier clientele. Which I loved. But it never filled me up.

My heart lies in education. I live to share my knowledge. I download information at a very rapid rate, and need to share it. I need to tell the World what I know and I've been doing it for a very long time. And what I'm sharing in this course, is what I teach my private clients. All of my knowledge, expertise and some hard learned lessons.

My mission? To light a path for those seeking non-judgemental guidance while eating for pure health. This is not about rigid dogma, black & white thinking. No, the Vegie Head lifestyle is about the gratitude and glory of eating in a way that feels good.

adele-vegie-head bali-spices

Here's a small snapshot of what you'll learn...

Kitchen overhaul

  • You’ll learn what to keep, what to throw, what to use, what to avoid, how to use exotic ingredients and break out of your (perceived) kitchen rut

  • You’ll become you own plant based food chef
  • You’ll be empowered in the kitchen
  • You’ll have fun and try new things!
  • You’ll make informed choices
  • You’ll get to experiment and be brave with food choices!
  • Why your amazing body is the only expert you should be listening to

  • You’re going to find out what works best for YOU, by listening to your body
  • You’ll get clarity on why certain foods work for you and why others don’t
  • You’ll stop going around in circles when it comes to ‘diets’ and stop trying to fit into other peoples boxes
  • You are unique and individual, so your food choices should be too!
  • Being the Goddess or Adonis of your kitchen

  • Find out more information about what appliances you really need and what to use them for
  • Stop wasting money on expensive machines and appliances, and put them to use!
  • Let's turn you into a Health Food Store Goddess (or God)

    I've worked in the Health and Health Food industry for almost 10 years. Let me teach you my tricks of the trade!
  • You'll gain knowledge and information over the myriad of ingredients, superfoods, herbs, spices, etc that live in health food stores
  • You'll learn to navigate the maze, stop the confusion and learn how to buy wisely
  • (And if you purchase the course upfront, you'll have access to an exclusive Virtual Shopping Tour!)

    Living with kindness- in more ways than one (how to tackle social situations and overcome uncomfortable conversations)

  • I'll teach you how to answer the hard-to-answer questions with love and understanding
  • I'll help you align your thinking, and teach you how to overcome the 'negative nellies' that you can apply to every part of your life
  • I'll help you stop the judgement cycle and incite inspiration to those around you
  • You'll become a shining beacon, that will light the way for others to a healthier, plant based lifestyle
  • What to buy, how to use it, and why organics are so important!

    Here I give you the breakdown!
  • We talk oils, superfoods, legumes and pulses
  • You'l learn about organics, seasonality and the best way to store your produce- no more soggy celery!
  • We will stop waste in your kitchen
  • You'll learn what to buy in bulk so you can throw together super quick mid-week meals that will please everyone
  • You'll find new and exciting ways to use ingredients you already have on hand!
  • And SO much more!

    What our 2014 Graduates said...

    Invaluable Bonuses...

  • Exclusive Academy only video tutorials. You'll see me speak about some of my favourite foods, watch me in action in the kitchen, and learn some of my fave shortcuts to make cooking easy and fun, no matter what level of cooking you're at
  • An exclusive interview series, where I speak with some of the most exciting and knowledgable names in the health and cooking world. Some are mentors of mine, and others are mentors to millions (yes, millions of people!) They're designed to excite you, teach you, and inspire you; it's like an inspiring conversation with a friend
  • An exclusive, members only community group, designed to support, uplift and inspire you everyday. This will be the hub; the place to come together and change each others lives. You'll have direct access to ME and my team and will be able to ask questions, share successes and information!
  • A VIP Virtual Hangout Day, where we will all connect online, real-time- and share our stories, our journey and our experiences
  • Done-for-you shopping lists to make life super simple!
  • For up-front fee paying members, an exclusive Virtual Shopping Tour, where you'll see me in action, doing my favourite thing ever (food shopping, of course!) and talking about some of my favourite ingredients!
  • And, a copy of my '14 Days of Nourishment' Program to guide you into juicing and blending with ease and confidence
  • It would be my absolute pleasure to teach you everything I know...

    There’s no reason you need to do this alone. I would be honoured to help guide you through your plant based journey, no matter where you're at.

    All of the answers you seek are here. With zero judgement. It’s a course for people who crave the knowledge & practical skills (not to mention the heart-centred delivery) required for a plant-based diet. Because life is already complex, this course is designed to replace a sometimes negative charge around what you eat & why.

    It’s simple really. You will learn how to nourish your body, mind and soul. Why should it be more complicated than that?

    So don't be shy. Come along and join us. My Team and I are here to answer any questions you may have, and know that customer satisfaction is very important to us. Head over to the contact page if you have any queries for us!


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    Terms & Conditions:

    • General

      • All ecourse materials, along with references used in or related to the ecourse, are the intellectual property of Adele McConnell (Vegie Head) and may only be used in the manner detailed in this ecourse Terms and Conditions Agreement.
      • Permission to use the material in any other way must be obtained in writing from Vegie Head directly. These materials are for the sole use of individuals registered for the ecourse or others as approved by Vegie Head.
      • As an ecourse registrant, you may view and read all materials that are part of the ecourse facility. You may also print any or all screen and pdf file pages for your personal use in taking the ecourse, but you may not share, communicate, publish or in any manner distribute to other parties the ecourse, login and password, readings, references, links or any other materials.
      • The terms and conditions regarding use of materials apply upon registration for the course, while you are taking the ecourse, and upon and after completion, or withdrawing from the ecourse.
      • Reference materials and links provided in the ecourse are provided by Vegie Head. Vegie Head does not assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of content contained in reference materials or links.
      • If for some reason you can't partake in the course, you'll be charged 50% of the amount you've paid up until one week before the ecourse starts (July 21st), and after that date, unfortunately there are no refunds available.
    • Installment Plan

      If you've signed up for an installment plan, the 4 payments of $300 will be automatically deducted from your account, beginning on the date you sign up, and then every fortnight thereafter until full payment is made. If your account defaults, you'll be contacted by one of the team and an alternative method of payment can be made. Please note, that if you default on payments and can't make anymore, your ecourse access will be revoked.
    • Got more questions?

      Please read the VH Academy FAQ page: ACADEMY FAQ

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