Vegie Head eBook Download & Viewing Instructions - Vegie Head
  • Computer to iPad

    If you purchased your eBook(s) using your PC or Mac, these instruction will guide you through the process of uploading the eBook file to your iPad so you can read it anywhere.

    1. Open Itunes on your computer
    2. In the library menu on the left hand side select 'Books'
    3. Locate the E book PDF file (your chosen download location, ie. downloads folder)
    4. Drag and drop the Vegie Head E book PDF in to Books.
    5. Now click on your Ipad in the devices list and select Books along the top menu bar
    6. Make sure Sync all books is selected or if 'selected books' is selected then make sure the Vegie Head E book has a tick next to it
    7. Now sync your Ipad and the Vegie Head E book will appear in your Ibooks
    8. Now open Ibooks on your Ipad, press 'Collections' on the top menu and PDF's, and your new Vegie Head E book is ready to view.
  • iPhone / iPad

    If you purchased your eBook(s) using your iPhone or iPad , these instruction will explain how to open it.

    1. Download 'Adobe Reader' from the Apple Store (It's free).

    2. Click on the 'Stripped Bare' Ebook link to download.

    3. Once downloaded it should appear on your screen. At the top of the screen click on the button saying "Open in Adobe Reader".

    4. If Adobe Reader doesn't automatically open, open the app yourself and 'Stripped Bare' should be ready for you to use!

    * Adobe Reader is also free to download onto your computer and is the best way to use the Ebook

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