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Stripping back the layers to find the simplest ways to nourish yourself with protein packed, plant based beauty foods that will change your body, skin and life!

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  • Why did I create Stripped Bare?

    I posted a photo of me with no make up on.

    This photo caused a string of comments and emails.

    “How old are you?!”

    “What products do you use?”

    “Your skin is glowing!”

    “Can you tell me how to get rid of my acne/wrinkles/dry skin?”


    This guide was needed.

  • What experience have you had with skin?

    My background is Beauty Therapy. I spent years managing a skin clinic, where we operated a number of lasers and machines and used cosmeceutical products that were so full of chemicals you needed gloves to use them.

    I moved on from the industry when I realised that breathing in the toxic air that was filled with burnt hair and skin was more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. It was then that my passion for all things natural came about.

    My favourite clients were those that suffered acne and premature ageing, and I've spent the last 8 or 9 years focussing my attention on my health; and in particular, the health of my skin. I've seen so much mis-information over the years from 'experts' who actually have no experience in skin at all.

    I spent years studying Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Biology, Skin Science, Skin Diseases, Skin Biology, Advanced Facial Care and Remedial Massage.

    Over the last four years, questions about skin have just been thrown at me again and again. I never thought that there was a way I could mesh my academic study with my passion (food). But, here we are.

    Stripped Bare is the book I needed to write, it is my response to all of these questions. Countless emails enter my inbox daily and they’re not just about plant based recipes. They’re about wanting clearer skin, physical self healing, emotional self awareness, mental self confidence and spiritual self unity.

    The Stripped Bare Guidebook is here.

  • Why is skin such a large focus?

    It's often overlooked!

    Seeing so many healthy eating programs is great, but for people wanting skin specific information, recipes and ultimately, results, there was nothing up to scratch

    So, I got writing

  • Who is Stripped Bare for?

    Countless emails enter my inbox daily and they’re not just about plant based recipes.

    They’re about wanting clearer skin, physical self healing, emotional self awareness, mental self confidence and spiritual self unity.

    It's for anyone interested in improving not only their health, but also the health and condition of their skin

    It's got a plant based focus, with the emphasis being on high protein and whole foods. There is a recipe in here for every palate!

    Anyone, with any skin condition; from dryness, redness, acne, ageing will see an improvement.

    Anyone who is stressed out. If you've never meditated, that's ok. There's two beautiful meditations in the program that you can download and listen to.

    Anyone suffering from a low self esteem (we've all been there) and wants to feel beautiful and empowered

    This is for you!

"Adele is one of those people you are drawn to because she is so giving, warm and inclusive. I joined Stripped Bare thinking it was going to be just another program that I wont engage in but it turns out refer to it every day,Thank you Adele!She is really special" - Rachelle Hawken

"Adele is not only an expert in food, cooking and in the kitchen!, she is brilliant at empowering and inspiring others to lead the life you truly want to lead and her belief in you to do so, is incredibly motivating. Adele has a natural and empathetic way of connecting with people and her advice in mentoring is always kind, considerate, genuine, yet also realistic, honest with a down to earth and straight forward approach" - Katie Tymms

Want apreview into the plant based lifestyle?

Want to make delicious plant powered, gluten free, sugar free and healthy food that fills you up?

Want to stretch your mind, body and spirit to the next level?

Why did I create Stripped Bare?

  • Stripped Bare has been born from my realisation that so many of you want to take control of your health. You want to nourish yourself, feel stronger, fitter, have clearer skin and feel more alive but you don’t know where to start.

  • Stripped Bare will not only educate you but help you enjoy healthy, plant based food that lights your soul and makes you shine from within!

  • If you are ready to use food to make you feel sexy, comfortable and alive then join me, let’s get Stripped Bare together. No judgement, no gimmicks, just the nourishment that comes from the earth.

Is Stripped Bare for me?

  • Interested in a lifestyle with a strong focus on how you feel?

  • Want to improve the look, texture and feel of your skin?

  • Suffer from acne/blackheads/enlarged pores?

  • Is premature ageing a concern?

  • Want to include more plant based and super foods in your diet?

  • Want to have the facts about skin and skin care?

How has it changed you?

"I actually had a big break through listening to the meditations and realised how much eating/kitchen/cooking is connected to STRESS for me. Huge. Even though I have done so much work around it, its still stressful choosing what to eat/cook, etc. So I was reminded very strongly to always make sure I am CALM when I am eating... as at the moment I have been eating in a "stressed" way so my body has been struggling to digest the stress"

"You have been an extremely positive influence in my life this year. My entire lifestyle has changed for the better and you have had a big hand in that. You are inspirational, knowledgeable, genuine, caring and generous and I can't thank you enough for being your wonderful self." - Rain Francis

"I love the fact that Stripped Bare has bought my family together at the dinner table- not only has it simplified cooking and preparation time; we feel much better for it! My son who is the fussiest eater of us all is actually eating meals without a fight which after 7 yrs is a blessing! Thank you Adele, for opening our eyes (and filling our tummies)" - The O'Donnell Family

The Stripped Bare Program

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The Stripped Bare Package

  • Over 75 beautifully designed pages, and perfect for printing

  • Over 55 plant based, gluten free, sugar free and high protein recipes

  • A series of stretches from renowned Pilates instructor, Peta Serras

  • A meditation from iTunes best selling artist, Sara Brooke from The Space in Between

  • Easy to read information

  • Easy homemade skin care

  • A shopping list, and fridge/pantry make-overr

  • A 90 minute audio file, to listen to me answering questions from people all over the World

  • And a mini '5 Steps to Glowing Skin' guidebook

  • Only $97

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"I ditched commercial skin care products over a year ago when I joined Adele's Stripped Bare Program. I am very happy with the difference that I've noticed in my skin. I will be 40 this year and I can honestly say that my skin has not looked or felt better. My skin care regime has simplified, I cleanse and moisturise with coconut or jojoba oil...that's it! It is inexpensive and I know that there is nothing nasty going onto my skin. Most importantly I am not using products that contain chemicals that I: 1) cannot pronounce and 2) have no idea what they are. I have always had to be careful which products I use due to allergies and irritations. This has not been an issue over the past 12 months. A final but equally important factor for me is that the products I use now do not contain animal bi-products and nor are they tested on animals...well my dogs actually love to eat coconut oil but that is another story. Long story short, I will never switch back to commercial products...I only wish I had done it earlier." - Natasha

"Stripped Bare is not about losing physical weight. It is about losing the dead weight of negative thoughts, emotions, and habits. It is about gaining the knowledge, empowerment and freedom to live a happy, loving, healthy and compassionate life. Adele gives you the tools to change your perceptions of food; health; exercise; your body and body image; cosmetics; cooking; eating; and even vegans themselves, with its non-judgemental attitude. Stripped Bare comes complete with the support you need to make positive changes in your life, whether it be to go gluten/caffeine/processed food free, vegan, vegetarian, start Meatless Mondays, complete a 30 day yoga challenge, clear up problem skin, or reach other goals you may have. You will meet people who will inspire you, and cheer you on when you inspire them. Stripped Bare - contrary to the name – will build you up better than you’ve ever felt!" - Liz

"Before entering the 'Stripped Bare' program I was struggling with my weight, was lethargic, had acne, dry, cracked & spots on my skin and was at a loss on how exactly to perk myself up. After 2 weeks of being on the program, being meat free, restricting diary etc... My skin was clear and I had started to move weight again. Not only did I see physical changes but I have become so much more in tune with my body & feel so much better. The emotional, mental, physical - the WHOLE lifestyle approach that Stripped Bare takes is what has worked for me. Adele's program is adaptable to ANYONE! I highly recommend it." Sarah B.

"Stripped Bare is more than a diet or vegan recipes, it's a community headed by the lovely Adele that will help you change your life. I have tried so many nutritional lifestyle programs before, however was struck by the difference with SB right from word go. The focus is so positive, and it isn't just about eating a vegan diet, it's so much more. You learn to make time to love yourself; meditation, stretches and exercise, beauty, and looking after yourself. Adele is so non judgemental and knowledgeable, and has put so much of herself into this. After only 2 weeks I feel so great, cleaner, lighter, less 'oily', and much more in tune with the real me. I have also shed 3.5 kilos so far, by giving my body the nourishment it needs and getting rid of anything non beneficial from my diet/lifestyle. This really is something that can help you change your lifestyle, and it works!" Bron

"I am absolutely honoured to be involved with what you have created, you are an inspiration to me and totally deserve everything good in the world. There are lots of inauthentic people out there looking for a way to 'get popular' but its so clear that its not like that for you and its nice to have a role model teaching women to be encouraging and non-judgemental of one another!"- Rachelle Hawken

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for this great ebook. Its helped me so much after only following it for 2 short weeks! My skin is starting to finally heal of acne (I hate acne so much!!) ;) I still have the scars, but I know they will fade with time. I have no new pimples though! :D So with make up on my skin looks so clear and i have some confidence back :) - T

"I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with Adele. I have been following her facebook page and website over the years and have recently been a part of her "Stripped Bare" program. I can't sing her praises enough - her knowledge, her passion and inspiration for vegan food and a healthy way of living is contagious. We have a very special facebook group for our SB community and Adele is a brilliant mentor and facilitator of this group and discussions - I think she has touched all our hearts with beautiful words of encouragement and wisdom." - Katie Tymms

Vegie Head e-books

E-books are a wonderful medium for everyone to have access to! E-books are bought on-line and then downloaded or viewed directly on your computer. The beauty of e-books, is that there is no paper involved (so we are doing our bit to help the environment), and they are accessible to everyone all over the world; from Australia to Africa, Germany to Japan. Adele's far reaching audience are all waiting patiently for the first published book to be released (March 2014), and she is currently halfway through her second book for publishing. Adele loves sharing her passion for food and photography with everyone, and loves it when people help her 'Spread the Vegie Head Love!'

Please note, this is an eBook (an electronic book) to be viewed on a PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet. This is not a physical hard or soft cover book.

No refunds will be issued for incorrect purchases.

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