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Six months later… (post Charlie’s death + how to cope when it’s just too hard)

You may, or may not have noticed (or cared), but I’ve refrained from writing a personal blog on here for a while. I’ve not known where to start to be honest.

How to get enough Vitamin B12 on a plant based diet…

Vitamin B12 is a necessary part of everyone’s diet- especially on a plant based one. Here, I give the low-down on this essential vitamin.

How to make the perfect vegetable stock…

Vegetable soup stock is really easy to make at home. It’s a staple for us here at VH Headquarters, as it has a depth of flavour that is unmatched by bought stocks or plain sea salt. It’s very economical and it’s really great way to clean out the refrigerator. You can tailor the...

Food Adventures : Satori Organics

FOOD ADVENTURES have kicked off!! Yahoo! We’re sharing the unique, the creative, the tasty and the BEST dining locations with you all…as much as we LOVE cooking food, dining out is an opportunity to expand your senses, try something you wouldn’t usually make yourself and support...

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