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Why I only have three pairs of socks…

Sounds strange right? Three pairs of socks for one person?

32 wishes; Learn. Do. Have. Be

Inspired by my friend Vienda and her post, I decided to create a list, and see what I could come up with. I’ve written many a list, wished on dozens of New Moons, and had vision boards till the cows come home. And so much has come true already.

VH TV – S3 E7 – The Best Sources of Vitamin B on a Plant Based Diet

Vitamin B – the entire spectrum ranging from B1 to B12 is crucial to our health, recovery and function. B12 is the most sought after on a plant based diet…yet all are important, and totally achievable. Ever wondered my favourite sources?

VH TV S3 – E6 Vegan Pantry Staples Part 4 – The BEST spices to fancy up plant based food!

I ADORE spicing up my dishes with an array of spices and herbs- not only do they pack a flavour punch, but they’re also highly therapeutic and medicinal! Watch the latest ep of VH TV to find out more!

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