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How to create the PERFECT smoothie…

Mmmmm…are you are smoothie fan? I am! For their nutrient packed mouthfuls, and ability to be made in a mere minute, smoothies have changed the way many people start their day! Here’s my guide to creating the perfect smoothie (and a couple of delicious recipes from my...

Salt Therapy…

It’s absolutely no secret that I love my alternative and holistic therapies. I find that they help ground and centre me, as well as keeping me balanced and happy. Salt Therapy is my new favourite, and here’s why! Imagine sitting in a cave… surrounded by salt. On...

How to create an Altar in your home…

I’ve always loved the idea of having a little space in my home somewhere, where I can sit, meditate, and generally give thanks and gratitude. In my new ebook ‘Rituals’ I talk about creating an Altar in your home to honour your pet. Below, I show you my way of...

Why Rituals are important to me – Michelle Marie McGrath

With the launch of my new ebook, ‘Rituals’ almost here, I took some time out to speak with one of the books contributors, Michelle Marie McGrath ‘What are your favourite, non negotiable morning rituals?’ I check in with myself first thing each morning by placing my hand on my...

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