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The VH VIP Club House has almost finished being built!

Can't wait until you join us in our beautiful space!

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Food Adventures : Greenhouse Cafe

We’re making the next stop on our Food Adventure trail as we continue sharing the most delicious and creative dining locations. By the beach, a short stroll down the lemon myrtle lined alley way, you’ll find Greenhouse Café.

Six months later… (post Charlie’s death + how to cope when it’s just too hard)

You may, or may not have noticed (or cared), but I’ve refrained from writing a personal blog on here for a while. I’ve not known where to start to be honest.

How to get enough Vitamin B12 on a plant based diet…

Vitamin B12 is a necessary part of everyone’s diet- especially on a plant based one. Here, I give the low-down on this essential vitamin.

How to make the perfect vegetable stock…

Vegetable soup stock is really easy to make at home. It’s a staple for us here at VH Headquarters, as it has a depth of flavour that is unmatched by bought stocks or plain sea salt. It’s very economical and it’s really great way to clean out the refrigerator. You can tailor the...

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