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How to store fruits and vegetables…

Sick of buying fruits and vegies, only having them go off a few days later? I go through my organic fruit and veg quite quickly, however there’s also days (and sometimes weeks) where those delicious goodies turn to mouldy mush. It’s not pretty. It’s a waste!...

What I feed my dogs may surprise you…

As I was cooking dinner last night, Paul said ‘That smells really good….what is it?” Now these words don’t come out of his mouth very often. He’s not a foodie at all. He knows what he likes, and eats what he’s given. “It’s the dogs...

The 30 Day Bra-Less Challenge

*Please note, this is not a post about feminism. Although, I’ve been known to get on my feminist soap box from time to time. We are here to talk breasts. Boobs. Love them or not (and come on, we all love boobs!) they’re there. They sustain life, connect us in with the...

Oil Pulling- What is it?

If you’ve been a Vegie Head for a while, you know my love of all things coconut. Except coconut flour. Coconut flour and I have some issues. But everything else coconut I adore. And the oil is my favourite. I could write a book based on coconut oil- in fact, I did...

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