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VIP Club house Q and A with Adele

In this 15 minute audio, I answer some of your questions! I cover: The best scar treatments // What to do with weird vegetables // My fave hair removal products // How to get rid of dark under eye circles // Skin care // Tips for night shift workers // The No-Poo Shampoo method //

The top 12 things that helped us train our adopted deaf dog (and keep our sanity!)

Adopting a deaf dog was going to be a challenge- we knew that. But, one that we were (semi) prepared for, and definitely one that we were excited about. There’s only so much that reading blogs and books and watching videos teaches you however….but here’s some...

Social Media and Body Image with Kelly

The pro’s and con’s of social media stretch far and wide in many various directions. For children, teenagers and young adults, the power of social media can be even more confronting, shaping and sculpting influential minds and prescribing fads and trends that are blindly adhered...

Top 15 Sugar Free Vegan Snacks (to curb those cravings and give you energy!)

I am not one to vilify food groups or ingredients;  however there’s definitely something to be said for cutting back on our consumption of refined sugar. When I think of sugar, I think of that icky white ‘crack’ that is found in soft drinks (soda), lollies...

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