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Vegie Head eBooks

Want to win friends and influence people?

The way to a man’s heart (hell, everyone’s heart!) is with food!


It's almost Christmas!

And what better way to celebrate the holidays with good food, family and friends?

This Exclusive Christmas Bundle is only available for a very short time, and features the best selling 'It's a Very Vegie Christmas ebook' (only released once a year!) and features the most popular Vegie Head ebooks. Filled with over 80 simple, scrumptious and family friendly recipes, you'll go back to these ebooks for years to come.

Get your bundle now for

only $89

and save over $10!

Plus, receive a bonus FREE copy of 'Vegan Essentials' valued at $14.95!

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Sweet Essentials Two Cover

Calling all dessert lovers!

Sweet Essentials Two is here!!!

Sweet Essentials Two is the older, more sophisticated sister to Sweet Essentials. She's filled with delicious recipes that are easy to create at home, and will be sure to impress everyone. It not only contains raw and cooked desserts, but also drinks, smoothies, and my famed *Hotties*.

The stand out desserts however are easily my Coconut, Fig and Cinnamon Tartlets, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cheesecake, Raw Tiramisu, Cookies and Cream Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache Icing and Mocha Cupcakes with Rich Fudge Icing.... YUM!

Get your copy now for only


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Vegie Head Complete eBook Collection

The Vegie Head Complete Collection

All of Adele's popular eBooks; to either help you on your journey to a plant based life style, to heal and nourish, or simply to try new and delicious recipes! Does not contain Sweet Essentials Two.

Buy all four and save.

$79.95 - a saving of over $33!!!!

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF. It is not a hard-copy printed book. Unless you download & print yourself of course!

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Vegie Head Main Essentials eBook


Main Essentials is HERE!

'From the Ancient Greeks who ate their Deipnon (dinner) later in the day, to the Medieval Era, when dinner was at 3pm, to 1905, when in Colonial times, dinner was at 8pm and always was served with a form of festivity.

In this day and age, the regular meal time is a fading thing. What is regular anymore? We work longer and play harder; eat a wider variety of foods, yet health statistic figures tell us we are the unhealthiest we have ever been.

Let’s change it. Let’s make sitting down for dinner fun again. Let’s put importance in stopping in the moment and really relishing dinner. Let’s be completely engrossed in the abundance of fresh produce, spices and herbs, colour and flavour. Let’s fall in love again and again with the people we dine with- our family, friends, loved ones. Let’s speak to them through food.

The need for interesting, different and healthy plant-based main meals is apparent to me everyday, so without further ado, let me introduce you to Main Essentials.'

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF. It is not a hard-copy printed book. Unless you download & print yourself of course!


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Vegie Head Sweet Essentials eBook

Easy, delicious and healthy raw desserts

This delicious collection of exclusive recipes, all beautifully photographed and with easy to follow instructions, is now available for purchase.

Featuring over 15 incredible recipes (some pictured below), this eBook has been highly anticipated, featuring the infamous 'Cranberry Ripe Slice', a triple layered 'ice-cream' cake, and my personal favourite 'Choc-peppermint nice cream'.

All using basic wholefoods and superfoods, a blender and your tastebuds, this eBook is an essential in your collection.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF. It is not a hard-copy printed book. Unless you download & print yourself of course!

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14 Days of Nourishment eBook

An easy recipe guide of smoothies and juices to heal, cleanse and rehydrate

Due to the high demand for my ‘14 Day Juice Cleanse’ to be relaunched, I have decided to release it as an e-book instead. It has been re-worked and re-written to focus on the healing and nourishing aspects of a juice and smoothie feast.

Over 12 months my '14 Day Juice Cleanse' with BeVitamins was viewed over 368,000 times. I received so much feedback about how people felt and what they were achieving, that I knew it could be so much more than just a standard blog.

This is more than just cleansing. This is nourishment from the inside out. This is healing and replenishing, simply and purely.

Smoothies and Juices allow the body to heal, relieving it of stress from heavily processed foods in our heavily processed lives.

This is a largely expanded version of the original 14 day juice cleanse. It has new recipes, information, links, and even a detailed shopping list so you can start your nourishment on the right foot.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF. It is not a hard-copy printed book. Unless you download & print yourself of course!

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14 day - Green Smoothie

Praise for 14 Days of Nourishment eBook:

"Thanks for organizing this. :) It was a wonderful experience!!"- Sophie

"i'm loving this cleanse.. although it was hard at first.. i now feel like a new person"- Cherie

"Thank you for sharing this...It is inspirational to see both the physical and mental changes in me"- Tina

So what makes this different to other programs I hear you ask?

One review of a Gwyenth Paltrow 'Diet Detox' (not a fan of that name!) said:

"The strict version of this cleanse involves throwing alkaline water, pHour salts, chlorophyll, and aloe vera in your shopping cart –- all things my wallet asked me to opt out of. To make it easy, I also swapped out fancy ingredients (young Thai coconut milk for just plain coconut milk, for example)"

Now this bothered me!

I see many of these programs that call for fancy things (don't get me wrong, I LOVE crazy ingredients and superfoods), but for some it may be a stretch. I wanted this simple, accessible, easy and flexible.

This incredible ebook, filled with over 40 delicious, easy juice & smoothie recipes is NOW AVAILABLE.

Only $49.00

Easily Printable

Add to Cart Joe Cross & Adele McConnell

The King of juicing, Joe Cross and I, where he came and spoke at the 2012 Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day, to an excited group of 50 people to watch a screening of his documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead'. I was lucky enough to spend time with him as a Melbourne Ambassador for Food Revolution.

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Vegan Essentials eBook Poster Vegan-Essentials-eBook

30 Delicious recipes, filled with health and love

Only $14.95

Easily Printable

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Vegie Head Vegan Essentials eBook

How many nights a week do you eat take away? Cook the same thing over and over again? Have the family asking for new meals, but you don't know what to cook?

Be honest!

If you are stuck for new ideas, love the idea of a cookbook and just want to eat NOW then have a look at the delicious photos below!

Breakfast, juices, smoothies, light meals, dinners and desserts; all simple, nourishing, hearty, and healthy.

Over 30 international dishes, all PLANT BASED and created with love.

Check out my FAVOURITE Mexican Black Bean Posole, and the super popular 'Better than Reeces' Peanut Butter Cheesecake!

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT that can be DOWNLOADED as a PDF. It is not a hard-copy printed book. Unless you download & print yourself of course!

Vegan Essentials Collage

For beautiful glowing skin, over 90 minutes of audio and a mini guide book to make your skin sparkle

Only $9.95!

Easily Printable

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5 Steps to Glowing Skin Audio and Mini Guidebook

Wondered how to clear your acne, heal your skin, and glow from the inside out? Then join me on this journey. Speaking live to a group of over 50 people, I detail everything you need to know to change the shape of your skin. It begins with audio, then you will see the video. There is also a fantastic mini guidebook for you to follow along with. I answer questions, and share my years of knowledge. This is what you've been waiting for!!!

Download, listen on your computer or device, and follow along with the guidebook

Interested in earning some Vegie Dollars and growing money in your blogging backyard? Become a Vegie Head Affiliate! Contact us via the contact page for info

Product Disclaimer:

Vegie Head e-books

E-books are a wonderful medium for everyone to have access to! E-books are bought on-line and then downloaded or viewed directly on your computer. The beauty of e-books, is that there is no paper involved (so we are doing our bit to help the environment), and they are accessible to everyone all over the world; from Australia to Africa, Germany to Japan. Adele's far reaching audience are all waiting patiently for the first published book to be released (March 2014), and she is currently halfway through her second book for publishing. Adele loves sharing her passion for food and photography with everyone, and loves it when people help her 'Spread the Vegie Head Love!'

Please note, this is an eBook (an electronic book) to be viewed on a PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet. This is not a physical hard or soft cover book.

No refunds will be issued for incorrect purchases.

About the author:

Calling all dessert lovers!

Sweet Essentials Two is almost here!!! Stay tuned to this space!


Keep watching for when the ebook goes live in a few weeks

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